Restyling Boy Bedroom (budget)

When your toddler grows up, you might wish to give him a bedroom that matches his age but you might also not be ready to replace all the furniture and spend a fortune. In that case a little restyling will do, and it’s fun too. When my son was about to turn 7 years old, we restyled his room. We painted the lower part of the walls a bright light blue and we applied a washable coating. As he had enough of his toddler bed, we bought him a regular one persoon bed.

We kept the big IKEA Besta cabinet but we transformed it into something new by changing the shape, colour and position of the fronts. We kept the glossy white fronts but we matched them with some new matt green and blue fronts, all hanging on different levels to create some movement with niches. We accessorized the room with some shelves, flags and some favourite objects. We bought 2 old compositor’s cases to display the cars and painted them a sturdy grey; the bold orange outer lines are painted with a permanent marker.

restyling boy bedroom