Teen Boy Bedroom

bedroom boy design

The boy has grown out of his toddler room and wants to redecorate it to get a teenage style. The room is where he sleeps, studies, plays and gathers with friends, even for a sleep over. This bedroom has a bit of an odd shape which we exploited to separate functions. In the broader area we suggested to combine the sleeping and studying. By lifting the bed on a high sleeper, there’s room underneath for a sofa bed and the desk can be placed close to the window.

In the smallest area we placed a custome wardrobe and game station with plenty of storage. A large sitting sack is a flexible and light piece of furniture which can easily be moved and offers great lounging possibilities, even for two while gaming. With the 3D photo realistic views, the boy can make his choices among the different options and choose his own style.

Check the Design Book for more information

interior design book