Tailor-made Interior Design

We are the space we live in

Stefania Rastellino Interior Design offers you tailor-made interior designs for every room in your house. A new house or an old one to refurbish? A bigger kitchen, a modern bathroom, an open space or an extra bed room? With my creative designs you will find out the real potential of your home, whether it is big or small, old or new.

My interior designs are functional and radiate tranquility and comfort. With a touch of Italian style, you will discover the joy of living in a space that represents who you are. I design interiors and custom made furniture and offer an array of services to choose from, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Are you dreaming of a new interior but you don’t know where to start?

italian interior design

Italian Interior Design

The style of Milan. The feel of Tuscany. In your own home.

I believe that architecture affects our wellbeing. Interior design is not only about style. Italian design in particular is about the right combination of beauty and functionality. The interiors are stylish, light and modern, but never cold. More importantly, they are all about the people and how they use them: the cooking, socializing, relaxing.

It is my goal to make your dining pleasurable, your downtime relaxing and your socializing comfortable.

Do you want to add an Italian touch to your new interior?

Listening, designing, building

Your wish is my design

Good interior design begins with learning about you and your individual needs. What is it that you want to change, what is your budget, what are your specific desires? According to the architectonic features of your house and your personal style, I will define the program and make a design.

Thanks to my architectural background I combine both technical and aesthetical knowledge in my work. I illustrate the design through 3D drawings and photorealistic renders so that you can fully visualize the impact of the different remodelling options. If you wish, I will coordinate the entire process for you from start to finish: from programming to concept design, design development to construction documents and administration, through to the final construction, installation and project completion.

The moment I walk into a room,
I start picturing how it could be

Stefania Rastellino


stefania rastellino


An Italian designer in the Netherlands, I combine the best of two worlds: the Italian passion for elegance and fine details, and the Dutch love for functionality


See what the different design options look like in photorealistic views and choose the one that suits you best




Show buyers the real potential of your house

Your house is on the market, has the perfect location, is the right size and price but the interior is tired and shabby and potential buyers can’t see beyond that? You don’t need to spend your money on expensive decorating or staging. Instead let me draw a renovation design that will show buyers the real potential of your house and will help them picture themselves in the home. My photo-realistic 3D-pictures can convince potential buyers that your house can become their dream home. This can give them the little push they need to start bidding.