Small Bathroom Renovation

renovation bathroom small

A young couple asked for help for the remodelling of the bathroom in their newly bought apartment in Delft. The new owners wanted to add a toilet and bidet set to the bathroom, a towel radiator and more storage space, as well as a door or cabin for the shower. They also wanted a more modern style with a warm look, so the plain white tiles had to be replaced.

Location: Delft, The Netherlands

Photography by Anna Giulia Gregori

Interior design by Stefania Rastellino

Complete Bathroom under 5 m2

Because the bathroom is only 5 square meters, it was a challenge to fit the program in this little space. We relocated all sanitary appliances: the booth where the high cabinet used to be has been deepened and hosts a comfortable walk-in shower of 80 x 120 cm with built-in faucet, custom made shower floor and glass door. Where the washbasin used to hang, we made a low front wall to hang the toilet and bidet and we used the space above for extra storage by making a custom-made wall cabinet. In front of the shower we installed the new washbasin with drawers, bowl and built in faucet. Above it, the big mirror with integrated lighting and heating against condensation makes the room feel bigger. To enlarge the space optically, a small mirror piece was inserted in between the tiles in the inner corner of the wall; this piece works as a continuation of the large mirror, which gives more depth and a more spacious sensation to the room.

Serene, warm and luxury

Another tool to enlarge the space visually was the tile selection. We went for Italian tiles with a tranquil pattern and the same neutral colour, although we made it interesting by using different sizes and textures. Whereas the tiles on the floor and most walls are larger, the tiles on the front wall and the niche above the toilet and bidet are small and with alternating textures. This is an interesting feature that is enhanced by the orientable spotlights in the ceiling and led strip under the custom made cabinet.

In spite of the limited space of the bathroom, we could realize a complete and comfortable bathroom with a serene, warm and luxury feeling.