Living Room with Custom made Cabinets and Bench

The young family bought this newly built house four years ago. They bought a big sofa and a big table, a lamp here and a cabinet there but they felt they were missing something. The interior didn’t match their personality. So they requested an interior design meant to create a unique and warm feeling, with space for their travel memories and their beloved Italian coffee machine.

Organizing the room we came up with a ceiling high custom made cabinet that occupies the whole wall from the kitchen to the garden. The bench by the dining table is integrated in the shape of the cabinet and matches the size of the long table. The coffe machine, like the big TV, the wine bottles and other objects, has its own space in the cabinet next to the kicthen counter, as an extension of it, and is literally in the spotlight as all shelves have integrated lighting. The bench in between the high cabinets feels like a booth in a niche which offers plenty of space for well framed travel photo’s.

The light colours on the wall, mainly white and a pale shade of sea green/blue, in combination with the wood of the cabinet’s fronts, makes the room feel airy and warm.

Interior design by Stefania Rastellino

Before After